Unwind Every Day and #FacemaskFriday

This is called a journal but more like a to do list. It has 365 suggestions for ways to unwind and relax. Each page has a completed on line to fill in the date it was completed. It also has a small area that says reflect to write a couple sentences about your experience. Some of the suggestions to unwind include: take a deep breath and smile,wander around,make a collage,bake a cake. The ideas are pretty simple so they are attainable. It is nice to have as a reminder to do simple things since it is so easy to get caught up in life and forget to enjoy the simple things in life.

For #FaceMaskFriday I used one of thr masks I received from my Facetory subscription while back. Facetory is a subscription box that sends face asks monthly. I tried it out for a month and really liked the variety they send. I am on mask overload right now so I cancelled my subscription. The mask is called Glow Baby Glow. This is a two step mask. It comes with a soothing ampoule to apply first. The ampoule is a little messy to get out but well worth it. The mask is applied next and has a light floral scent. The mask is brightening and soothing for sure.

i also used my new Pacifica rose quartz roller after the mask. I am loving the Pacifica crystal infused line and will be reviewing a lot of skincare from there shortly. I did a big ulta haul from there and currently trying everything out!

This is one of my simple ways I practice self care.

Happy National Lipstick Day

Hope everyone’s week is starting out great! Today is National Lipstick Day 💄 A lot of great deals for beauty lovers! I picked up some goodies at Ulta will post more about those soon!

*Poshly is giving away free lipsticks today at random times! Make sure to sign up and download the app to get alerts. They also give away makeup throughout the year so its a great app to have. https://poshly.com

Some of my other favorite freebie apps for free makeup are:

*08 Liter http://www.08liter.com/api/shared/0115/0412/446672/315

*Influenster http://www.influenster.com/r/223388

*Crowdtap https://crowdtap.com

Book Review: The Element Encyclopedia of Birthdays

The Element Encyclopedia of Birthdays by Theresa Cheung

I always wanted a book of birthdays and finally found one at a thrift store and bought it right away. I was first introduced to the book of birthdays when I was 18 and thought it was so fascinating. It was very accurate too! This book claims “Know your birthday,discover your true personality,reveal your destiny” It is entirely up to the reader what they take from this book. Some people are really into astrology and numerology and will really be fascinated by this book. It is a fun book even to have as a conversation starter or to share with friends and family. It’s always fun to share with someone what their date contains.

The author includes some introductory texts before all the birthdays to provide some background information where all the details for the birthdays come from. It is very helpful especially for people who may not be familiar with these topics. It is very brief though so if your looking for more information about those topics you would need separate books.

Here is some assorted images of what is included for the dates. I took information from all different dates for the pictures but every date includes each of this information.

Overall I think this is a really fun and interesting book and I am so glad to have it added to my book collection. What do you think about The Element Encyclopedia of Birthdays by Theresa Cheung?

Crystal Spotlight: Quartz


Clear quartz is one of the most popular and abundant crystals. Brazil and Arkansas are popular origins of this crystal.

Hardness: 7

Clear quartz is excellent for programming which makes it perfect for setting intentions.

I came across a great app called Stone which has some crystals and a beautiful set up. It is great for studying many crystals and good for beginners as well. Below are some of my favorite apps.

Crystal Spotlight: Citrine

Citrine usually pale or light yellow and darker colors usually indicate that it is not actual citrine but amethyst that is treated.

Hardness 7

Solar Plexus Chakra

Citrine is a beautiful crystal that promotes confidence and abundance.

A great oil combo to meditate with citrine is orange and arborvitae.


#crystals #citrine #essentialoils

That Vitamin Movie | FMTV

With prescription medications now in the top ten killers of Americans, taking more lives than illegal drugs and more lives than car accidents, this timely documentary shows that there is a safer, more effective and cheaper way to tackle illness.— Read on www.fmtv.com/watch/that-vitamin-movie I recently signed up for Food Matters TV. They had a deal for .99 cents for the first month so I figured why not try it put, i am always looking for thought provoking shows to watch and love documentaries plus I enjoy learning about health and nutrition. I picked this to watch because I suffer from nutrition deficiencies. I have been on mega dose vitamin therapy before and it improved my health a lot. I suffer from low vitamin D and B 12. I never realized how bad a vitamin deficiency can make you feel until blood work reveled how low my levels were. I learned a lot of my poor health symptoms were related to my low vitamin d and b 12. I no longer need the mega dose therapy but I will always take supplements for the rest of my life because I never want to become extremely deficient again. As you can see this movie was appealing to me based on personal experience. The movie highlights the importance of vitamins and minerals in your diet. It talks about mega dose therapy as well as routine day to day supplement usage. i really enjoyed the information brought forth in this documentary and it was presented in a fascinating and appealing way. I recommend this movie to anyone interested in nutrition and proactive about taking care of their health.

Simple & Soothing Mood Boosters

Some of my favorite quick & easy mood busters to help me get out of a funk. These are some simple techniques that can help with mild anxiety or stress.

Tea ☕️

Herbal tea can offer many benefits including reducing anxiety and stress. Some of my favorites for this include lavender,chamomile, and valerian root.


About a year ago I started using essential oils and have noticed what a quick pick me up aromatherapy can offer. I use a diffuser at home and keep a rollerball in my purse with a scent that relaxes me

Journaling 📝

Sometimes just unplugging and good old pen and paper can do the trick. I do a combo of free journaling, guided journals and even just making lists too!


Low magnesium can cause a lot of issues that can affect mood. I take magcalm at night to help relax and increase magnesium levels. Also an epsom salt bath will both relax and increase magnesium levels as well.

Breathing Exercises

I downloaded a couple apps that count your breathes and help guide breathing exercises. This really helps ground and calm me.

Vitamin D 🌞

I actually regularly get my vitamin d levels checked and realized that when it is low my mood suffers. Being outside in the sun is such a mood lifter plus your raising your vitamin D.

What are some of your favorite ways to combat stress?