Happy Planner Weekly and Mask Review #selfcaresunday

This week I did not do to much with stickers in my planner. I have so much going on I have to leave a lot of space to fill everything in. I was still glad to have some stickers to add!

For my Sunday night mask I did the Yes to Cucumbers Mud Mask. I usually don’t like the Yes to sheet mask but the mud mask is really great. The sheet mask have caused my skin irritation in the last but the cooling mud mask was perfect and worked well with my skin. I loved how it has a roll on application which makes doing a mud mask so much easier. I followed up with the Klairs midnight blue youth activating drops which is a great overnight serum.

I didn’t do to much on my fitness planner but I am going to start doing a fitness app review monthly. I would like to review and go over some of the health/fitness apps I am using. I will review a simple health app soon for my first one.

Happy Stickers found at dollar tree! I found this set at my local dollar tree and have seen some other reports of other sets at dollar trees.

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April Birchbox x Stasher

Back in November I subbed to Birchbox for the year. I got a good deal and missed getting fun mail every month so I signed up after a few years off of getting any subscription boxes. I like the new system with Birchbox that allows you to swap months for points if you don’t want a box that month. I have done that twice that way I don’t get to many samples I don’t need.

I kept April since this month was coming in a Stasher bag and included a refillable balm starter kit. I’m trying to get into reducing my waste and I have been looking into using more products that are multi use or refillable.

Five samples were included as usual but the Stasher bag was also included so this month was really six items. The bag came instead the traditional box they usually send. ( I reuse all the boxes they send for organizing in my house. )

A Stasher bag is a silicone bag that is reusable and has a ton of uses. They are microwave,stove top, freezer,dishwasher,and oven safe. You can use them for so much including cooking, snack bag, or a on the go make up bag. They really have so much flexibility.

The Re.fil refillable beauty balm is sold only on Birchbox . I like the balm and like the idea of using less plastic,

A new item that intrigued me was the wipeout makeup remover pads. They are so soft and have a cool print. They are reusable and save on waste. I use so many cotton balls for removing makeup I am excited to use these instead.

Another item is a sheet mask. This one is by vitamasques which is a new brand for me. Make sure to follow my Instagram I will post a quick follow up review when I use the mask. www.instagram.com/quartzlotus

I also got a rose water facial mist. I usually put these in the refrigerator and use them in the summer when it’s really hot.

Last item is a moisturizer by the Birchbox brand arrow. I have tried this brand before and liked it so I am excited to give another item a try.

Overall I loved this month and it was totally worth it for me. What would you use your Stasher bag for?

February #happyplanner

Happy February ❤️ January flew by super fast. I did my first Veganuary this year and still going strong. I am really enjoying trying out new plant based meals and will post more about my Veganuary experience soon! January was a super busy month for me and this month I want to focus on better time management. This month I will also be reviewing some Rose Quartz skincare to keep with a Valentine’s theme ❤️

Recollections Celestial Planner Review

I have now added a third planner to my daily collection, well starting in January. I currently use a daily planner for work and everyday/household stuff. I also use a fitness/health planner I track meals,workouts,supplements and other fitness related stuff. I find my planners are a great way to relax and have some quality self care time to reflect and plan. Recollections has a new celestial planner and once I saw it I had to get it. For the longest time I said I need a planner with moon phases and I am thrilled to finally have one. I decided I will use this as a self reflection, intention setting and spiritual planner. I think this is going to be a fabulous self care tool and really increase my spiritual practice.

This is a full year planner for 2021. It has some reference pages in the beginning of the planner and also an outlook for 2021. I love the full two page spread for lunar phase reference. This has all twelve months daily moon phase in a quick picture reference.

An intention setting page is followed to help set intentions for the 2021 year. It comes with four full pages of stickers too. The stickers are amazing. They fit the theme of the planner. After the stickers is a folder to store extra stickers or anything else you want to keep on hand with your planner.

There is also a page to write in all your signs based on your birth chart. Each month has a page highlighting the new moon and full moon dates as well as planetary transits.

The monthly view lists each moon phase on the dates as well as the weekly view. There is also reference cards listed for the weekly view of there is an event for that week such as full moon, new moon, eclipse,etc…

The back of the planner has a few pages for notes which you can use however you see fit. I really can’t even describe how beautiful this planner is. Let me know below how you would use the celestial planner.

I did a quick flip through and first impressions video on YouTube I attached below.

Mask Monday Garner Skin Active Mask

Tonight I am using the Garner Skin Active Moisture Bomb Sheet Mask. I love this line of masks because they are affordable and work really well. I also love the scent too. Since I use my mask time to relax I always enjoy the extra benefit of a great scented mask. This one is a lighter floral scent that is very soothing. The mask provides amazing hydration with hyaluronic acid.

I also use my Pacifica quartz roller after I use the mask. I was introduced to this line at CVS. CVS has a lot of great affordable skincare options and I really recommend signing up for the CVS card to take advantage of the beauty discounts. They also have a beauty rewards club where you get $5 for every $50 spent. They have a lot of great sales and coupons weekly.

I love starting my week off trying out a new mask for #maskmonday. Hope everyone has a wonderful week.

#selfcaresunday with my new Happy Planner

One of my favorite self care activities is my Sunday planning. Every Sunday I like to spend some time to decorate my planner and plan for my week ahead.

In this digital age it may seem crazy to still use a planner but I really enjoy the process of writing down my plans. It’s really soothing and I feel it helps keep my more accountable. It really makes a difference and boosts my mind when I am able to physically check off what I have accomplished. I just got a new 18 month planner from The Happy Planner. I love the theme “You are Magical” it’s got a pretty witchy aesthetic to it which is my thing.

I love the monthly inserts and want to start to track moon phases with this planner too. I also plan to really challenge myself and to push myself and my goals a lot more, I’m not super creative but decorating my planner is something that even I can do! I love finding fun stickers and washi tape.

Its really important to find simple ways to practice self care. This is one of many self care activities I do to help me relax and soothe my soul. Stay tuned for the next #selfcaresunday post.

We got chickens!

I have wanted to get chickens for a long time. The issue was before we moved out old city did not allow chickens. That played into a large part of where we were going to move, we wanted to be able to have more freedom with our land/house. Our previous city had a very strict code enforcement rules. Now we have a lot more freedom where we live.

We started out with five small sized birds. They will not grow to be too big and will not make very large eggs but I had each one of the kids pick out a bird so they can bond and learn how to care for chickens. We also got some regular chicks to have larger eggs.

We were able to get a poultry starter kit at out local feed store that is super helpful and has almost everything we needed to get started. My husband built this little cage for when we take them outside since they are mostly indoors right now. Now they are starting to get bigger so my husband will be building a coop for them since the premade ones seem to be expensive and small. I will post updates on the progress of the chickens. So far its been really fun and a great experience for the kids. Have you ever raised chickens? If so do you have any advice for a newbie? Thanks for reading.

App Review: Stone

I would like to do a weekly app review on the blog in the upcoming year. I have found some amazing apps and would love to share about them. This week I am writing about the app STONE: Crystals, illuminated. by Jack Flintermann https://apps.apple.com/us/app/stone-crystals-illuminated/id1146323083

Photo Credit: Stone App

Stone is available for free in the app store. This app has a nice sleek and simple design which I love. It is add free too which is amazing for such a detailed and informative app. It has a pretty wide variety of crystals available on it. You can click the stone you want to learn more about and a larger picture will open. Each crystal has detailed information available when you click on it and you even have the ability to share the stone with someone. This is a great app for anyone looking to deepen their knowledge of crystals.

Photo Credit: Stone App

#Blogmas Day 1 December & End of Year Goals

Last minute I decided to try participating in Blogmas this year. I would like to get more consistent with blog posting in the New Year so I feel this is a great way to get prepared. This year has had many ups and downs but I feel I have made a lot of personal growth while dealing with a lot of challenges this year. I want to finish off the year strong and continue to work on myself and my goals and go into the New Year with a positive outlook and continue making progress.

My goals for December:

✨Start blogging consistently

✨Remove anything that brings negativity via social media

✨ Read and review three books

✨Continue gym 3-5 days a week

✨Lose 5 pounds

✨Marie Kondo my house!

✨Connect with strained family ties for the holiday

I hope everyone has a productive December and ends the year with peace,love and joy.

Unwind Every Day and #FacemaskFriday

This is called a journal but more like a to do list. It has 365 suggestions for ways to unwind and relax. Each page has a completed on line to fill in the date it was completed. It also has a small area that says reflect to write a couple sentences about your experience. Some of the suggestions to unwind include: take a deep breath and smile,wander around,make a collage,bake a cake. The ideas are pretty simple so they are attainable. It is nice to have as a reminder to do simple things since it is so easy to get caught up in life and forget to enjoy the simple things in life.

For #FaceMaskFriday I used one of thr masks I received from my Facetory subscription while back. Facetory is a subscription box that sends face asks monthly. I tried it out for a month and really liked the variety they send. I am on mask overload right now so I cancelled my subscription. The mask is called Glow Baby Glow. This is a two step mask. It comes with a soothing ampoule to apply first. The ampoule is a little messy to get out but well worth it. The mask is applied next and has a light floral scent. The mask is brightening and soothing for sure.

i also used my new Pacifica rose quartz roller after the mask. I am loving the Pacifica crystal infused line and will be reviewing a lot of skincare from there shortly. I did a big ulta haul from there and currently trying everything out!

This is one of my simple ways I practice self care.